Caffeine: Friend or Foe?..

It is well known that Latter-day Saints do not engage in drinking coffee, tea, or any type of alcoholic beverage. These are just some of the substances we’re advised to avoid, according to Doctrine and Covenants Section 89 (, better known as The Word of Wisdom. All the time, it is asked why coffee and tea are included in this, this is most likely due to the fact that not many people are aware of the harmful effects of caffeine and coffee in particular. Here are a few harmful effects that often are coupled with caffeine usage:

Signs and Symptoms of Caffeine Intoxication or Abuse

  1. nervousness
  2.  headache
  3. increased heart rate
  4. anxiety
  5.  upset stomach
  6. irregular heartbeat
  7. irritability
  8. GI irritation
  9.  elevated blood pressure
  10. agitation
  11.  heartburn
  12.  increased cholesterol
  13. tremors
  14.  diarrhea
  15.  nutritional deficiencies
  16. insomnia
  17.  fatigue
  18.   poor concentration
  19. depression
  20.   dizziness
  21. bed wetting

Caffeine Withdrawal Symptoms

  1. headache
  2.  constipation
  3.   runny nose
  4. craving
  5.  anxiety
  6. nausea
  7. irritability
  8. nervousness
  9. vomiting
  10. insomnia
  11. shakiness
  12.  cramps
  13. fatigue
  14.   dizziness
  15.  ringing in the ears
  16. depression
  17. drowsiness
  18.   feeling hot and cold
  19. apathy
  20.  inability to concentrate

The most common withdrawal symptom is a throbbing and/or pressure headache, usually located at the temples but occasionally at the back of the head or around the eyes. A vague muscular headache often follows. Of course, caffeine cures the symptom; but this is not the answer. On top of all of this, caffeine is one of the most addicting substances on earth. It is not uncommon to be a caffeine addict and it’s very hard to let it go once a person is addicted.


2 responses to “Caffeine: Friend or Foe?..

  • Delia

    Not so fast. The latest research shows that coffee and tea have many health benefits.

    See, for example, here

    • amandasheirbon

      Hello dear, it’s true that there are health benefits to drinking coffee and tea. Nevertheless, caffeine is a highly addictive drug and the symptoms of caffeine abuse that I listed are extremely common. There are also other possible health risks that go along with the abuse of caffeinated products in general that I have not listed. For instance, my cousin developed kidney stones due to overconsumption of coffee. There are also health benefits associated with Marijuana and other drugs, though I would not advise anyone to partake of those either. Being a Mormon, of course I do have a significant bias and am just an everyday person without any medical degrees or anything, but I tend to follow the Word of Wisdom, which I can link on here if I haven’t already. I appreciate you taking the time to critically evaluate this for yourself, an inquisitive mind is a mark of an intelligent individual!

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