Meanings of Joseph & Hyrum- How they work together in the Mormon story

I am a person who loves words. I also love names. The meanings of words and names, I also find to be quite interesting. So I though that I’d just look up the meaning of Hyrum and other classic Mormon names just for kicks… What I found was quite interesting to be honest.

The meaning of ‘Hyrum’ is “My brother is exalted” and the meaning of ‘Joseph’ is “God will increase”. How symbolic. Hyrum Smith is best known for being the brother of Joseph Smith (the founder of the Mormon church), and he was good and true until his very last day. He was really such a man of character; a true brother to the prophet of the restoration. He was a prominent leader of the church, and very close with Joseph. When his brother warned him that there might be significant trouble for him, and that he should flee, he refused. He stayed with his brother and traveled to Carthage, Illinois, where he was imprisoned with his brother, ultimately leading to their martyrdom.They were killed by an angry mob, and died for what they believed in. Talk about a loving brother…A brother ‘worthy of exaltation’.

On the other hand, “God will increase”… If I were to summarize Joseph Smith’s theological stance into three words, I couldn’t think of any better three. His firm belief that God will continue to reveal more and more as time continues was the basis for absolutely everything about the L.D.S. church, and still continues to be. Little children memorize the ninth Article of Faith in the L.D.S. Church and as they grow, they are able to watch it unfold. “We believe all that God has revealed, all that he does now reveal, and we believe that he will yet reveal many great and important things pertaining to the Kingdom of God.” They live the privilege of hearing the voice of the prophet and following the direction of God’s church right now, because we believe in a God that is ever-present, especially in this ever-changing world. His direction will change with the times and circumstances, and that is what Joseph Smith so firmly believed. God will increase.

I think our Heavenly Father is very particular in placing children where they need to end up, so that their life might continue in the direction that he sees fit. This is something that is becoming extremely clear to me as I start to find golden truth in small areas like these. God is so specific and particular, and it never ceases to blow my mind.


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